What is necessary to learn English successfully?

Learning English requires action. Perhaps you are aware of all the learning aids; However, if you start, you get nowhere also. In fact, you need to change your life, if you want to learn to speak English well. Here are examples of things you need to do:

1) Read every day for an hour a book in English. Analyze The grammar used in sentences and suggest words in an English dictionary for

learn englishListen to audio books or other recordings in English. Pause as often as possible in order to try to understand what is being said and to imitate the pronunciation of the / of the speakers

Spend your afternoons to practice the pronunciation of the English “r”

Write an e-mail carefully in English, by making sure every 20 seconds via dictionary / Internet search that all words are correct, and by choosing to display for each set of 5 minutes

Think about English sentences read by consider whether the sentence also “the” could write instead of an “a”. Try to find on the Internet similar sentences to answer the question

Make simple English sentences in your head as you walk down a street. Think in English about the things you see

What kind of people would do all these crazy things? Only those to whom it also brings joy. If you want to learn to speak well English, you have to be to such a person. You must not hate to do these things; or you have ever heard of a person who has been successful by doing something that you hate?

The difficulty of learning English as a foreign language or to teach, is that those who learn English, want to speak the language well; At the same time, most students want to spend any time on it to learn English independently. (Presumably, they sign up for English courses and therefore hope that the knowledge is “imposed” there.)

This lack of motivation means that learners do not spend their time in general in order to learn English. If they do, they do not turn regularly. A typical learner might, for example, over a period of 12 hours English “phrasal verbs” before a test to learn (translator’s note:… “Phrasal verbs” = of a verb and other elements existing expression). However, he would not read a book a day for 30 minutes in English. He perceives learning English simply not appealing enough, and it is therefore only do so if he needs it. The problem is that immense unique efforts pay off in any way, whereas you very much gains by smaller but everyday pursuits.

If you are one of those learners and you is little mind to practice every day pronunciation of the “r” or thinking about English sentences, we have news for you: you will have to put yourself to want to do these things. In other words, you will need to work on your motivation. Fortunately, there are proven methods that will help you.